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Camp for Clients

A Go-To-Market platform that assists businesses to launch products, nurture relationships and grow revenue

Clients are demanding ROI on their marketing investments. Agencies need to turn in a data-driven marketing approach backed by a technology platform. Introducing a platform such as Camp is a win: win proposition to both clients and agencies. Getting clients to subscribe to Camp has many advantages for Agencies, as it helps manage multi-channel engagements effectively, and showcase the efforts and results, thereby greater retainer revenues for Agency.

Marketing Automation

The true multi-channel experience brings an end to end functionalities of planning, automation, and analytics making Camp a must-have for marketers,  and business people. Reap the best ROI from client's marketing investments, and enhance your practice retainer.

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Sales App

Camp offers a simple and relevant mobile app for salespeople to manage their day-to-day actions, with ease.


Digital Agencies, Consultants, Sales Coaches, and CRM partners derive immense benefits from the Camp partnership, as the leads supplied to salesteams are effectively tracked to get results. 

Partner App

Over 70% of worldwide trade happens through channel partners. However, many organizations find it difficult to empower partners with tools that aid in last-mile conversions and customer engagements. 

Agencies involved in Partner Marketing can add Camp to their portfolio for effective engagements through partner co-marketing and co-selling.


Everything you need to grow your business


Set up an automated campaign flow with ease to market your business. Send an event invite by email, follow it with social conversation, and remind using mobile text - all in one campaign flow.


Schedule social posts or publish social ads on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more! 

Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing

Thousands of emails are sent from Camp everyday. Utilise the email templates available at Camp and send out unlimited emails.

Create unlimited landing pages on Camp. You can also use the landing page templates readily available or embed an external code and start driving traffic to the landing page.

Landing Pages
Landing Pages

Create unlimited landing pages on Camp. You can also use the landing page templates readily available or embed an external code and start driving traffic to the landing page.

Assign Leads

Leads come from different sources. Create and manage leads in one place. Assign it to your salespeople, last-mile partners, and track sales stages, all the way to closures.

Track Sales Bookings

The best part of the sales job is about converting orders. ​Now keep a list of all orders received in the app. Sort them by months or weeks, and check if you have reached your quota. 

Sales Reporting

All reporting made easy. Less data-entry had been our mantra while developing the app. Pivot your views by salespeople, sales teams, sales stages, and more.

Map Geo-Locations

Mark your meeting locations on geo maps. This helps in multiple ways, whether to see the routes traveled, or showcase your visits to managers.

Content Syndication

Your product managers create a wealth of marketing collateral, literature, infographic, and more. Partners can now receive them through Camp, and organize their asset library by vendors.

Partner Hierarchy

Knowing the partner performance by channel manager or by the master partner is possible thanks to Partner Hierarchy. Map your partner organization to Camp, and track its performance.

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MDF Allocations

Camp allows you to allocate Market Development Funds (MDF), assign campaigns for partners to participate, see how the MDF dollars are utilized, and the ROI on MDF.


Share marketing programs & campaigns in a box to your partners. Partners can receive all your marketing assets, include their logo, address, and any localization that makes it super effective.

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