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Sales App Features 

Salespeople are busy. They don't have the time to write reports. Camp offers a simple and relevant mobile app for salespeople to manage their day to day actions, with ease. 

Create and Assign Leads

Leads come from different sources. ​Your customers may give referrals, an inbound lead can come from marketing, your partners bring in opportunities. Create and manage leads in one place.

Assign it to your salespeople, last-mile partners, and track sales stages, all the way to closures.

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Track Calls and Meetings

A prospective customer wanted to talk to your sales or promised to meet you at the webinar​. Single click calls, WhatsApp to your leads, record meeting notes, and schedule follow-up calls or meetings. 

What more? Being a sales manager, track the calls of your team members, meetings they attended, and the bookings they made. 

Carry a Digital Briefcase

The physical sales briefcase is passe. ​It is a digital world. Organize it with different categories of sales resources viz., product literature, competition battle cards, price lists, customer leave-backs, and more.

Be a champion in front of your customers. 

Leather Briefcase
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Map Geo-Locations

Salespeople do a lot of travel and ​lots of meetings. Mark your meeting locations on geo maps. This helps in multiple ways, whether to see the routes traveled, or showcase your visits to managers.  

What more? Geo location tracking helps in planning your travel, as with one report you can see all customers in a specific location.

Inside Sales and Lead Profiling

Earmark leads that need to be profiled or qualified before spending your precious salespeople's time. ​Assign them to Inside Sales (IS) reps or telecallers. They can now receive these leads securely, call the prospects, record notes, schedule meetings, and assign it to a salesperson. 

Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) improves your salespeople's productivity, multifold.

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Track Sales Bookings

The best part of the sales job is about converting orders. ​Now keep a list of all orders received in the app. Sort them by months or weeks, and check if you have reached your quota. 

What more? By looking at the order volume, you can keep an eye on your incentives.

Sales Org Hierarchy

The structure of your sales team is mirrored into your sales app, as well. See your own leads, your team member leads, meetings, and orders. Your sales team's performance is within your grasp.

What more? Your sales team and lead pipelines are visible to only you and your relevant team members. 

Data on a Touch Pad

Sales Reporting and Analysis

All reporting made easy. Less data-entry had been our mantra while developing the app. We acknowledge the fact that salespeople do not have time to write extensive reports. ​

But the number of reports you can see in the app is a lot. Pivot your views by salespeople, sales teams, sales stages, and more.

Become a Sales Partner

Consultants, Sales Coaches, CRM partners derive immense benefits from the Camp partnership. You can help your clients with state of the art GTM platform, explore different routes to market, and guide them with implementation services. Get started today!

Become a Sales Partner
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