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Simple, All-in-One
GTM Platform

Easy to adopt

Easy to automate

Easy to analyze

Multichannel marketing

All in one platform for web, email, social posts, ads & social listening


Simple mobile app for salespeople to follow leads to effective conversions

partner Marketing

Last-mile app for your partners to engage customers for lifetime value

integrated with 40+ apps

GTM is a collective effort of all your teams. An open connect makes it possible.

GTM Modules

The Camp Experience

All the routes for go-to-market, in one platform. Multiple marketing channels to reach your audience, your salespeople, and partners for last-mile. 

Engage customers on their terms. Track their digital footprints. Understand their needs. Converse with them on social media. Send them personalized emails, tweets, and notifications. Get always-on campaigns to nurture. Less effort & more results with Camp GTM Platform.

Don't stop in just creating leads. Share them with your salespeople and partners, who are on the move. A simple app bridges the gap, for an effective last-mile experience.

Great Service, means Happy Customers

3 out of 4 sales & marketing system implementations fail. There are over 8000+ tech players in this space. Yet no one seems to have addressed this issue. Our simple service packs make it easy for you to adopt, use, and master the platform.

Smarketing delivered and extended

Collaborating between sales and marketing is at a peak with Camp GTM Platform. ​Marketing can generate leads, agree on qualification criteria, measure lead engagement with behavioral data, mark leads as MQL (marketing qualified) or SQL (sales qualified). Before passing leads to sales, you can get Inside Sales (IS) involved profile in detail. 

Smarketing is Smart Sales & Marketing.

Not just smarketing - Camp brings extended enterprise of your channel partners to deliver best on the last mile. 

See who is using Camp.

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Go-to-market consultants, digital agencies, system integrators, sales & marketing experts - partner with us. Talk to us and explore on partnering opportunities.

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