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Marketing Tech Features

A rich set of features make the Camp marketing automation a preferred one for salespeople, marketers, channel managers, and business people. The true multi-channel experience, end to functionalities of planning, automation, and analytics - makes it a must-have. All this for a steal is what our pay-as-you-go subscription plans offer. 

Multi Channel Marketing Automation Journeys

One login, one platform, most popular marketing channels. Makes life easier. Simple isn't it?  

String it all together from web tracking, email marketing, social advertisements, personalized landing pages, custom forms, social posts, mobile texting, mobile notifications, and social listening - all in one place.

It is not just automation. It is multi-channel automation. Now you can mix and match channels as per your buyer behavior, and stage. What more? Always-on programs or campaigns can be set up with a one-time effort, and reap continuous results.

Camp GTM Platform: Multi channel marketing automation
Camp GTM Platform: Email Marketing

Email Marketing 

The email is often dubbed as the dinosaur of marketing. However, it is still relevant. As per recent research, email outperforms any other channel, with a reported $44 return on investment for every $1 spent. Email currently has nearly three times as many users account as Facebook and Twitter combined, proving that it remains the most accessible form of digital communication.

Mixing this channel with others makes it a killer channel. Sending an event invite by email, follow it with social conversation, and remind using mobile text - all in one campaign flow. 

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta needs no introduction. Camp helps you to perform social advertisements. Create campaigns, ad sets, and run ads. ​

Create, post or schedule your posts with ease, to manage your organic social actions. 

It is the best of both worlds. 

Camp GTM Platform: Social Media Marketing
Camp GTM Platform: Social Listening

Social Listening

Track and monitor what your audience are discussing on Twitter. Monitor the trending #hashtags, @mentions​, and catch the profiles in action. 

What more? You can respond to their chats by sending relevant information, inviting them to events that addresses the topics, and keep them engaged.


Your marketing dollars spent on advertisements and organic activities result in web traffic. Bring up the vital content in front of them through notifications. If you have a mobile app, these notifications double up as alerts, reminders, and guide them for apt actions. ​

Zero Moments of Truth (ZMOT) happens when they come looking for your products, and be sure to show them what they want.

Keep the conversation going.

Camp GTM Platform:  Push Notifications
Camp GTM Platform: Mobile Texting

Mobile Texting

Messaging is a needed channel when it comes to reminders. Events - you need to remind them to attend. Renewals - you need to remind them to renew. ​It is an important element of your marketing channel mix. 

Get the best out of the mobile text, with out-of-box integration with leading providers viz., Twilio, TextLocal, and more.

Dynamic Segmentation & Personalization

One size doesn't fit all. ​The dynamic segmentation ensures your target audience identified, and a personalized message reaches them. 

Personalize your messages, landing pages, progressive forms, and more.


Make it personal!

Camp GTM Platform: Dynamic Segmentation
Camp GTM Platform: Lead Profiling & Scoring

Lead Profiling & Scoring

AIDA is 120 years old​. Thanks to platforms like Camp you can now know who is in awareness stage, who have progressed to interest or desire stages. This helps in better predictability of business. 

Set the buyer journey stages as per your business needs, track your audience by stages, share the apt messages to them, and make it easy for them to do business.

Agency Connect

You work with marketing agencies. You are comfortable with them. They bring in the right brain to turn your vision into reality. Establish an agency connect through Camp Platform. Your agency can create all your marketing assets, campaign material, and share it with you once approved. 

It is the best of both worlds. 

Camp GTM Platform: Agency Connect
Become Agency Partner

Become an Agency Partner

Agencies that offer digital marketing services, advertisements, and strategic marketing consultancy, immensely benefit from taking Camp as part of their portfolio. Capacities to manage multiple client campaigns improve over 37%, as per our agency partners. The agency workbench and dashboard help in optimizing agency productivity and better retainership with clients. We welcome Agency Partners.

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