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Camp for Agency

Discover new ways to optimize the agency business

In addition to features offered by Camp for Clients


Agency Workbench

Single login for all agency-related work including social media ads, landing pages, email, mobile text, content assets, and more - for multiple clients.   

The agency workbench is designed for the Agency Staff, Content Creators, Campaign Managers, Data Analysts, and Client Account Managers. Now agencies can create, store, distribute, and repurpose the design, content, and creative work performed - all in one place. 

Agency Dashboard

Managing multiple clients is a breeze with the Camp's Agency dashboard. 

As the agency integrates into the client's marketing through the Camp platform, we will set up a single dashboard, that will provide a snapshot view of campaigns run for different clients, how each of the channels performed, and the vital metrics to track the client campaign performance, in one place.

Circular Library

Content Syndication

Camp for agency works as a hub account that connects and serves Camp for clients, as a spoke. This puts the Agency at the epicenter of all Clients' marketing efforts.

Create, store, clone, and repurpose assets - in Camp for Agency (Hub), which is the agency workbench. Share it with Camp for clients, when they approve the designs, or accept the content. Improve quality, build the asset store and reduce iterations.

Stop reinventing. Create an agency asset library. And syndicate content or assets with ease. 

Citrus Fruits

Campaign Analytics

Say goodbye to the challenges of client reviews. The ardent task of gathering data for reporting from different tools, and putting it together in a presentation for client reviews, will be a thing of the past with Camp around.

Define your metrics and obtain analytical reports of all your campaigns. Run multiple campaigns for your clients and easily get automated and scheduled reports in no time.

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