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Partner App Features 

Over 70% of worldwide trade happens through channel partners. However, many organizations find it difficult to empower partners with tools that aid in last-mile conversions and customer engagements.

Through Channel Marketing Automation

They are locals. They know their markets well. That is why you signed them as partners.


Extend your marketing platform to your partners. Empower them for local initiatives. ​

Share marketing programs & campaigns in a box to your partners. Partners can receive all your marketing assets, include their logo, address, and any localization that makes it super effective.

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Partner Lead Assignment and Registration

Leads you generate are shared with partners, who are in the proximity of the customer. Your partners generate local interests and lead register with you. ​

What more? Channel Managers are now equipped to view partner pipeline, mark them as leads shared or received, and manage partners with ease.

Partner Asset Library

Content Syndication

Your product managers create a wealth of marketing collateral, literature, infographic, and more. Not every asset is applicable for all partner types. Share the right assets to the right tiers of partners. 

Partners can now receive them through Camp, and organize their asset library by vendors. After all, they carry different products from different vendors. 

What more? you can track which content is promoted by your partner, and consumed by end customers.

Designing an Application
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Channel Manager and Partner Hierarchy

Your partner management team may be reporting to the Sales Head, and each partner manager may manage a set of partners. You may also have master partners in tier 1, managing a bunch of tier 2 partners. ​Knowing the partner performance by channel manager or by the master partner is possible thanks to this hierarchy.

Map your partner organization to Camp, and track its performance.

Partner MDF Allocations

The marketing dollars you allocate to partners helps in reaching the goals collectively. Most channel managers feel it is a black box. Not any more!

Camp allows you to allocate Market Development Funds (MDF), assign campaigns for partners to participate, see how the MDF dollars are utilized, and the ROI on MDF. 

Magic Tricks
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Partner Pipeline Analytics

Supply Chain Management ​(SCM) has enabled vendors to track the inventory movements across distributors and dealers, for effective production planning and optimized supply. 

Why Demand Chain Management (DCM) is not in place? Camp Partner app does just that with ecosystem-wide pipeline visibility. You can now manage not just supply but also demand for effective business performance.

Become Channel Partner

Become a Channel Partner

You are from channel management offering consulting services, partner management outsourcing, or facilitating partnerships with tools such as partner portals - join hands with us. Get the ammunition of Camp TCMA (Thru Channel Marketing Automation), a 4.5 Bn$ opportunity as per Forrester. Let's explore the exciting opportunities together.

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