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Future Of Through Channel Marketing Automation

Data-driven decision-making is the new core vital for the business. It’s no more future but the present need of the business. The CRM and Marketing Automation systems have paved the way in this direction over the last decade. And the next big thing in Martech would be TCMA (Through Channel Marketing Automation).

The distributed marketing ecosystem is the way brands use it for explosive growth. This system comprises indirect partners (dealers, resellers, franchisees). They represent the Brand in front of the local audience. Sadly, a solution that upholds them in their marketing efforts is not yet well developed.

Most channel partners will not have a sophisticated system to track and operate with the partners. This leads to a need for a simple yet effective platform to increase their productivity. And TCMA system accomplishes this job.

What is TCMA?

TCMA is a SaaS solution that helps channel partners to use brands marketing assets effectively and therefore boost sales.

With TCMA companies can streamline their channel partner management with reduced cost and effort. Unlike partner marketing through partner marketing, channel partners take care of marketing to the end customers.

In a few cases, the partners also allotted MDF (Market Development Fund) which they can use for additional pursuit of marketing.

Mind Boggling facts about TCMA

Forrester has surveyed the growth of the TCMA in the last few years, And here are some of the statistics presented by them.

  • TCMA market to grow to $1.18 billion by 2023, a whopping CAGR of 25.2 percent.

  • This market includes thousands of digital marketing agencies creating $2 billion in service revenue by 2023 and a total $4.5 billion ecosystem.

  • Over 6 million end users log into these systems, with an average deal size of $218,000 to these vendors.

  • Over 2,000 employees are fully dedicated to TCMA software development, and according to LinkedIn, these vendors had 17.9% employee growth in the last 2 years.

  • The companies which are working on TCMA development are on average 17 years old, and mostly US based.

Benefits of though channel marketing automation

To be concise, TCMA is a win-win for both brands and its channel platform. So, the benefits are enjoyed from both sides.

How do brands get benefits from TCMA?

Using a TCMA solution avoids the dilution of the voice and message of the brand over a widespread channel. This way it ensures partners are on the same wavelength with the brand marketing messaging.

This also helps brands to establish a stronghold in local markets by increasing personalization effects.

How do partners get benefits from TCMA?

TCMA allows partners to leverage the marketing materials of the company at a subsidized cost. They can also use companies' brand strength and value in a very effective manner. Small business owners often lack the dedicated time and resources for marketing. For them, the TCMA system can help to scale their business quickly with minimized time and effort.

Growth and future opportunities...

Any system which solves business problems has a brighter future. So does the TCMA. In today’s period, it is necessary but underused. Forrester's research has proved it.

According to this research, 50% of the brands have a TCMA system. Only 17% of the brands believe that they have implemented it successfully. (source)

TCMA is growing because B2B operators notice local marketing is the way to find new buyers, And They believe TCMA will help them to broaden their reach and strategize the channels.

Winding up….

Innovative and cost-effective solutions are always the need of the hour. When addressing the problems of 75% of world trade TCMA is a billion-dollar puzzle. This has the potential to be the next big thing and the jack of this industry would be the one who always goes the extra mile for his buyers.

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