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Our Services

Adopting Camp for your business needs is simple. You can start quickly and start running from day 1. If you are a mid to large organization, you can choose a 1-time setup that equips you to get started in a structured manner. If you do not have internal resources we can operate it for you as Campaign as a Service, or the entire GTM execution. Our academy initiative, TMA helps organizations with the latest know-how on GTM technologies, through university partnerships.



Camp is simple. Get started from day one. The tech platform allows you to start small, and scale as you go along. We will share training videos, organize a 1:1 session to clarify doubts. Once your team is ready, simply upload a list, send out a campaign, do social posts, and more. Every small step you take takes you to greater heights.



You subscribed for sales and marketing technologies. A set of actions will help in good use of these tech platforms.  Get expert help in organizing your contact database, design templates that reflect your brand, set up the initial always-on campaigns.



You got sales and marketing technologies, but do not have internal resources to run consistent campaigns. CAAS or Campaign as a Service is meant for you. We become your extended marketing team, to plan and run campaigns on your behalf, and share leads & meetings.


Go to market SERVICEs

You got great technologists, creators, and out of the world products. The GTM services by our team help you to focus on your core strengths. We will manage the planning to execution of your business GTM. Set the objective, allocate budgets, outline boundary conditions, and we will get it moving.


TMA: The academy

The business world is changing at a fast pace, with multiple factors affecting it. Over 9000 technologies introduced in the sales & marketing area. Innovations such as AI, 3D printing, AR, 5G are changing the landscape. TMA equips businesses with GTM technologies that are becoming mainstream, with university partnerships.

Implementation Partner

Become an Implementation Partner

You are a consultant, Agency, CRM service provider, or partnership facilitator - join us as an implementation partner. There is a world of opportunity out there, as many organizations need external help to adapt sales & marketing technologies, and a bunch of them offload them to agencies & experts to manage.

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