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A Practical Guide To Running Automated Facebook Ads

Ever wondered if there was a solution to bring down the time and effort you put into managing your ad account?

How are you planning to compete among 6 million Facebook advertisers on the web?

The best way to simplify the process and run an effective campaign is to opt for an automated Facebook ads system.

What are automated Facebook ads?

Automated Facebook ads are a way to create custom advertising plans to accomplish your goal by minimizing the effort to find the ideal audience and allowing the system to do this task for you.

Automation algorithms are by far the best thing about Facebook ads. Facebook on average collects about 52,000 data points of users.

So, you can imagine the power of harnessing an automation system to find cost-effective conversions and the ability to scale it faster.

Why use Facebook ads automation?

Facebook ads marketing is still considered a million-dollar skill. It might be either tough for business owners to learn and implement or it may be heavily expensive to hire the right professional to do it.

An automation system enables you to run and manage ads with relatively fewer skills required. Hence minimizing your marketing budget.

Secondly, a survey shows there has been a reduction in users spending time on news feeds and CTR has been decreasing year on year.

Now is the time when it is highly tough for advertisers to grab the attention of users. Ads have to be very creative to grab the attention. and marketers have to come up with new and unique ad creatives and stop the underperforming ad sets now and then. An automated Facebook ads system will help you increase your productivity while performing these tasks.

The automated Facebook ads solution will have the following advantages.

1. Creating multiple versions of your ad for A/B testing with minimal effort.

2. Easy to navigate Campaign tracking metrics.

3. Ease of selecting the audience and budget on a single dashboard.

How to set up Facebook's automated rules?

When you open the ads manager and in the main dashboard you can find the automated rules tool.

But if you are new to advertising on Facebook or if it’s a new ad account, you may have to set up a campaign with at least one ad set. So that you can access the tool.

And the real challenge is in creating the right automated rules. Well, you may have to consider tweaking the rules according to your goals, some things need to be taken care of.

5 must keep Facebook automated rules to save your time and budget

Avoid Overlapping of auctions.

One of the best ways to save a ton of your budget is to turn off auction overlap using rules. You can create a rule and give the rule name.

This rule prevents your ads from competing with one another. And you can also choose the ads manager to notify you when the bids are overlapping. And manually turn off or club the ads.

Pause the ads when your ad spent a budget twice the target CPC

If you notice a higher CPC for 3-4 days in a stretch you have to stop it. This is a clear indication that the ads are underperforming for whatever reason.

Always make a thumb rule to stop the least-performing ad. Things get better when you automate this process so you can skip the need to monitor the process now and then.

And this rule you have to apply to campaigns with negative ROA.

Adjust daily and lifetime budget and scale by target field

You have got an option to adjust the budget by a certain percentage every week. You can create this rule in the ads manager and set the percentage and frequency for applying the rule.

You can also choose to set the maximum cap to make sure there is no overspending of your budget.

Also adjusting the budget is not the only method to scale Facebook ads. You can scale an ad set level by the target field of your choice.

And the best target field is the cost per result where you can just put a cap on your budget against the target ROA.

Reduce audience fragmentation

If you have multiple ads set running at the same time which is targeted at different audiences the chances of audience fragmentation will be way higher. This can result in poor performance of ads.

Luckily you have the option to set the rules to reduce audience fragmentation. And you can choose to either merge or get a notification when the algorithm detects the fragmentation.

The recommended method by most of the experts out there would be to get a notification so that you get to decide and act according to the situation.

Halt the ads with a higher frequency

Frequency here refers to the number of times a unique user has seen your ad on average. If a user has seen it multiple times and still has not taken any decision you may have to rework your targeting, copy, or ad creative itself.

A survey conducted by Social media Today suggests a frequency between 1.8 to 4 would be best suited for healthy ROAs.

While the frequency may slightly vary based on the ticket size or industry, it's better to combine the data with the Cost per purchase for the last 3 days so that it gives a much clearer understanding.

Wrapping up...

Thank you for taking the time to read and complete the blog. We hope we have served you with accurately the best information on automated Facebook ads.

If you are someone who is looking for guidance to automate your Facebook ads with a complete go-to-market solution. Click on the link below.

Have you ever tried automating ads and maybe using other solutions? How was your experience with it? Share the experience in the comments.

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