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Multi-Channel Campaign: Creating A More Successful Campaign

“Follow your traffic“. This statement holds best for almost any business or marketer. You have to be present across the channels where your customers are active.

The rise of social media channels has helped brands the interest-based targeting in a far better way. However, these platforms are mostly designed to drive engagement rather than driving conversion. This makes it necessary to focus on multi-channel campaigns to drive more sales or any other end goals.

With the help of technology now it is possible to automate this process and can integrate it into a single platform. This makes it easy for reporting and visualization too.

What is a Multi-channel campaign?

In layman’s terms, it is combining direct and indirect communication channels to communicate with the customer.

With the help of technology, this process can be unified and integrated into a single system which makes it easy to use.

An ideal multi-channel campaign will have customized messaging based on the platform on which it is present.

Benefits of a multi-channel campaign

You have to be present where your customers are. They are almost everywhere. Today your customers have got access to amazing content and value free of cost. Since each channel or platform has something unique to offer in terms of value delivery you have to be present there.

A recent study showcased that multi-channel customers spend two to five times more than single-channel customers. This simple fact is enough to justify the need for multi-channel campaigns.

Some major benefits of multi-channel marketing are:

1. Broadening your Audience reach

Your audience has spread across the different channels based on their interest. Hence you have the advantage of widening your reach to drive more sales. After a while, you will also get to know which channel is working best for you so that you can focus more on that channel.

2. Harnessing the power of the platform’s best features

Every channel will work hard to develop a unique beneficial feature that makes them stand out from others. Being present in their platform will allow you to use that outstanding feature. The more you present across the channels the better chance of cracking the code.

3. Gather great client information

Data is the new fuel. Be it for marketing or any other purpose more the data you have, the better the result you will get. Having a presence across channels will help you leverage the power of enhanced data collection of your audience.

And multi-channel campaigns make data collection in terms of engagements, sign-ups, etc effortlessly easy.

4. Increase the confidence of your customers

Having your presence across the channels will help your customers to know you are credible. Trust is the one important factor that drives sales and referrals, And the footprints across the channels will help you develop your trust.

5. Reduce the customer acquisition cost

Reducing the marketing budget would be always on priority for business owners. If you have the content strategy in place you can drive more engagement and conversion organically. This helps in reducing the customer acquisition cost to a considerable extent.

Vital components of a multi-channel campaign


Website is the number one thing that increases your credibility on the web. An optimized website allows you to increase sales, Improve customer experience and announce updates easily.

Website will also help you to increase brand awareness and is essential to run ads on many ad platforms.

Physical store:-

Customers may want to physically experience the product they buy. A physical store will help you solve this problem and boost sales locally. Especially when you are selling a high-ticket product a physical store will help you boost customer confidence.

Blogs and social posts:-

Inbound marketing is the best way to reduce your campaign budget. This not just reduces the cost but also helps to increase the audience's trust. The best part is conversion rate is way higher in organic or inbound marketing.

Media Buying:-

Media buying (paid ads) is the best way to quick traffic to your brand. It can increase your revenue and outreach in short term. The best part is with the technology running ads has become easier than it was before.

Email marketing:-

Emails are one of the most effective mediums of personal communication. A dollar spent on email can give a return of up to $36. Owning the email is like owning the data of your customers. Here you can personalize the brand's message more conveniently and send it across.

Practical tips to structure your multi-channel campaign effectively

Determine the best channel:-

Your ideal customers need not be on every platform. Depending on your niche you may not get the same engagement on every platform. You have to determine the best channel where they are most active and outperform there.

Define your goal:-

Every campaign will have a different goal to accomplish. It may be sales, retention, engagement and app installation, etc. When you know the clear objective of your campaign you will do it better.

Be consistent in customer experience:-

Nothing beats consistency. Be it marketing or what so ever. The social channel you use should have a consistent value delivery. Consistency will drive a lot of trust and credibility to your brand.

Always perform A/B test:-

When you are testing with different sets of attributes you get to see which works better. We can’t decide the potency of the product or service with only one set of ads or messages. The more you test the better your result would be.

Track your success:-

Your report says everything about your campaign. More the data points you have in your report easier for you to measure your success. Tracking your progress will help you analyze the improvements that could have done So that you would be better at handling it next time.

Wrapping up….

Executions will not always be in excel sheets. You may come with various challenges when you are trying it for the first time. Having the right set of tools may help you make things easier.

Remember, a brand that engages with its clients through multiple channels sees a loyalty retention rate of 89% compared with 33% for those who don’t.

This single factor explains the need for multi-channel campaigns and this is high time brands and marketers start focusing on it.

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