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Five Google Ad Mistakes That Burn Your Cash

"Costs for Google Ads are rising." - This is something that marketers tell us every year. Before launching a campaign, marketers look up "Google Ads mistakes to avoid" on various search engines.

A recent study shows that Google Ad's cost per lead has been increasing by over 91% of industries year after year.

The reason for this may be intense competition, reduced social media usage among millennials, or even banner blindness for that matter.

But now is the time for you to start thinking about your ad placements seriously.

If you are someone who is running Google Ads for your business, our primary question to you would be -

Can you afford to make these 5 mistakes while running an ad?

1. Poorly Optimized Landing Page

Your website serves several purposes, but the sole purpose of your landing page is to encourage visitors to take action.

It could be a purchase, a subscription or a website visit.

An unoptimized landing page can be one of the biggest reasons why your ads are not performing well, despite targeting the right audience.

While there is no holy grail for a perfect landing page setup, there are some key elements to consider for a better-performing landing page.

· A compelling headline

· Quality and eye-catchy media

· Engaging copy

· Unique selling proposition

· Social proof to improve the trust factor

· Concise conclusion/summary

· A clear CTA

When you address these points, your landing page becomes much better.

2. Under-defined Geo-Targeting option

You are about to launch a campaign. You have set your budget limit, audience persona, and much more.

While choosing your target location, you have chosen your geo-target location. How do you think Google will show your ads to only those regions which you have selected?

Well, you are wrong, my friend. There is an expansion menu that many people are unaware of. Locations you don't wish to target can be excluded there. Or Google may show your ads outside your selected location based on various parameters.

See, the devil is in the details.

There might be other reasons such as the use of a VPN or the audience currently travelling outside your location.

Sadly, the IP address tracking system of Google is not effective enough and isn't 100% reliable. But the good news is that some solutions do this job well and have a lot more to offer than just web tracking.

3. Not using negative keywords

Today, Google is way smarter than it was 10 years ago. If you type something regarding apple, based on your search intent, it understands whether you are talking about the fruit or the iPhone brand and shows you relevant results.

However, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Negative keywords for which you don't want your ad to display must always be specified.

For example, if you want to sell VPN as a subscription-based product, “Best VPN“ is your target keyword and “free VPN” is your negative keyword.

If you want to avoid the cash drain and still have no quality leads, keep an eye on this.

Pro tip:- Research for the most negative keyword for your product and keep refining the data every week based on the search term data.

4. Poor conversion tracking system

Even today, many campaigns fail to address the crucial aspect of the campaign. You can't be sure about your campaigns unless the conversion tracking systems are correctly configured.

Benefits of the Conversion tracking system.

· Allows you to see which campaigns are generating sales and which are not

· Clearly defines your ROI and ensures ad budget is not wasted

· Helps you in understanding the most effective keywords

· Enables data-driven campaigning

In your Ads Manager, you can configure the Google Ads conversion tracking system. However, setting this up might take a little more time and expertise. You can find this on Youtube as well.

However, this blog will simplify your task by introducing you to the best-automated tracking system available.

With Camp Automation Platform, you can run ads and measure results across multiple channels. The best thing is that you don't need to manually configure any system for conversion tracking.

5. Mixing search with the display in a search campaign

One of the fundamentals that many people still misunderstand is this - Google will automatically include a display in your search campaign when you launch your campaign.

Because of banner blindness, display campaigns have a far lower conversion rate than search ads. As a result, people who are actively looking for your solution are not seeing your ads.

So before moving forward, double-check that the display option is unchecked.

Winding up…

Running a Google Ad campaign or any campaign will include a lot of trial and error. It takes time, patience, and a lot of experiments to craft a successful campaign.

The platforms are coming up with innovative ways to make ads more relevant and engaging for customers, thereby making them effective for marketers.

But it is one's duty to adapt to the changes which are working for others and deliver the best.

Rest assured, we have the solution to run your campaigns with ease as a marketer or business owner with our cutting-edge platform for all your campaign needs.

Remember, you have to stay relevant to stay ahead in today’s market.

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