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Convert Your Business Inquiries into 2X Profit

The single most important activity of your business is your ability to do customer follow-ups. Automate your Marketing Channels to Get Unlimited Success. 

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World's Fastest Growing  Brands Are Regularly Using Our Solutions

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A Solution For Instant 2X Growth, And Expect Extra 5X in Future

Consistent marketing is key to growth. Automation is key to consistency. Create always-on campaigns that drive customer interest and help in faster conversion. More the always-on campaigns, more is the engagement in different channels, that drives customers to take action.

Think Like a Professional Hunter, Use Different Tools For Different Purposes. We Will Give You a Full List of Powerful Tools.

| Multi-Channel Drip Campaign

Reach & convert YOUR LEADS in multiple channels, in a single workflow/drip

| Unlimited Email Marketing

Reach your leads in time. NO MORE CAP of 10k contacts or 5k emails per month.

| Asset Library

SERVE YOUR LEADS with meaningful content with a centralized asset library

| Universal Social Posts

LEAD Attraction and BRAND awareness with single click multi-channel social posts

| Social Media Posts & ADs

Attract your leads through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram Ads & Posts

| Landing Pages & Forms

CAPTURE LEADS with great-looking landing pages and forms.

| Lead Stages & Points

QUALIFY LEADS with automated lead scoring and profiling

| CRM Integration

PASS SALES-READY LEADS to your sales teams or to partners

Work Like A PRO After 30 Mins of First Login. Any More? Call Us

Our Engineers are working hard to make your work simpler. Our system is user-friendly, and we follow international standard design, so you get the best experience every time you log in to our system. 

No other Marketing Automation company offers this flexibility. A simple enough tool to start your LEAD GENERATION, LEAD NURTURING, and CONVERSIONS - all by yourself. If you are busy with your work, the Camp team will DO IT FOR YOU. 

Get started with a PAY-AS-YOU-GO subscription. Watch the videos, play around with READY TO USE CAMPAIGNS, and roll out your first campaign in no time. Our team will train and handhold you and the first campaign is upon us to enable you to a fast start. 

We understand your world. You are busy talking to customers, or focused on a technology breakthrough - just leave the campaign running to us.

Top Brands Target Your Bank Balance But We Are Not Like That

Top brands offer a good product and give you some attractive initial offers. After the end of the initial offer, they suck more money from your pocket. Most Marketing Automation products put limitations to your marketing programs - use up to 1000 contacts, or send 5000 emails max, and track 10k website hits, and more. And they offer such limited editions at $20 to hook you in. Once you are in, and the moment you exceed the limited numbers, which most customers do, they start charging more.

Another main problem is, you need to pay for each service separately.

Here is the top brands billing model

Drip Campaigns: 350$
Email Marketing: 600$
Social Posts: 50$ 

Social Media ADs: 100$
Landing Pages & Forms: 75$
Lead Management
: 150$

Additional Contacts: Extra hidden cost
CRM Integration: Extra hidde
n cost
Total Cost: 1325$

When you come to Camp Automation - all you need to just pay 159$ only, and you can use all the above features at 85% less cost with the same quality of service and same best customer care experience. Now the question is very simple. Why do you pay 85% extra money to get the same result? We offer the same solution with less cost otherwise no difference between popular brands and us. Just get a Full Demo and take your final call.

What Did Our Corporate Clients Say About Camp?

Camp helped us in concept to launch our first ever data-driven GTM initiative focused on delivering MROI. The campaign was successful in generating a pipeline of SQLs for our sales team to engage. The results exceeded the campaign goals by 29%. 

Vishal, Director Marketing Kingston APJ

I appreciate Camp team’s passion, diligence and acumen in the product marketing space, and the GTM platform’s ability to cut through  the predictable challenges of a go to market project, keep every stakeholder engaged, and deliver the expected results, on-time, every time.

David Langlias, Director, HP Enterprise, USA

Camp product is easy to use, simple interface and the team in Asian Paints use it to track sales & marketing efforts. I have used other CRMs that are very complex, and Camp brings a simple and intuitive experience. Your team is committed to delivering and support us for success.

Drishti, Digital Marketing Asian Paints

The camp team is very helpful and available for any support. We are a starter in marketing, and the backing from Camp helps. Camp is a simple platform that allows us to run campaigns, and we are happy with the marketing domain help we receive along with the product. 

Amit Darda, CEO

Modefin, Singapore

Want To Automate
Your Business Growth?

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