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Choose your pricing plan

Your Camp subscription comes in flexible ways. Pick a plan that suits your needs. You can always switch plans. It is a true pay-as-you-go model.

Camp Lite

₹ 11,500

Every Month
Marketing Automation Only

Automated Campaigns

Multi-channel Marketing

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Email Marketing

Social Marketing (Ads & Posts)

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Forms

Social Listening

Asset Library

CRM Integration

Lead Stages & Points

Web Tracking

1 Marketing User

Camp Standard

₹ 33,500

Every Month
Marketing and Sales App

All in Lite Edition +

Sales Mobile App

Lead Assignment

Lead Tracking

Meeting Schedule

Calls & Meeting tracking

Effective Lead Closures

Order Book

Geo Location Maps

Lead Qualification

5 Marketing Users

10 Sales App Users

Additional App User $5

Camp Extended

₹ 74,500

Every Month
Marketing, Sales & Partners

All in Standard Edition +

Partner Marketing

Content Syndication

Campaign Budgeting

Partner MDF Allocation

Partner Sales App

Partner Asset Library

Partner Pipeline Analytics

Partner Lead Registration

Partner Portal

5 Vendor Marketing Users

5 Partner Marketing Users

25 Partner App Users

Try 30 days
  • What is a GTM platform?
    Camp is a first of its kind GTM platform. The platform brings all routes to market viz., multi-channel marketing, direct sales and indirect partnerships. As per research, salespeople uses 9 different tools (for sales reporting, lead conversations, meeting tools etc). In a similar fashion, a marketing person uses 12 different tools (such as FB ad manager, email tools, sms gateways, etc). Camp unifies all these in one single GTM platform.
  • What are the channels covered in Camp GTM platform?
    The multi-channel platform integrates all major routes to market viz., AI enabled GTM planner: a step by step planning tool that magically develops a plan within 10 minutes, backed by AI powered engine. Multi-channel marketing Automation: Social media Ads & Posts (Facebook, LinkedIn), Twitter, Social Listening, Email marketing, SMS marketing, Push notifications, , website tracking), Direct sales: through a simple mobile app for customer leads, calling, catalogues, meetings, order bookings, sales reporting, and geo-tracking. Indirect partner business: Partner / Thru Channel marketing (TCMA), Market development fund allocation, Partner fund ROI. Supports both options of vendors passing leads, and partners generating & registering leads.
  • Why it costs 159$ when other tools start at 10$?
    Camp GTM platform comes with attractive pricing. The total cost of ownership is lowest with Camp. The platform provides "unlimited" contacts, "unlimited" landing pages, "unlimited" leads, "unlimited" forms, and has no artificial limitations. Sales, and marketing automation tools publish their prices "starting" from 10$. However, these starting prices comes with limitations. For e.g., 10$ will cover up to 1000 contacts, while even the smallest companies have over 5,000 contacts. Once the number of contacts goes beyond the average levels, the prices goes much beyond 200$, and above. Camp pricing is straightforward, that springs no surprises later.
  • What is the difference between Camp Editions?
    We made it simple. Clients feel smarter to make choices. Camp Lite: includes "Marketing Automation" only. Camp Standard: includes "Marketing Automation + Sales App" Camp Enterprise: includes "Marketing Automation + Sales App + Partner Automation" For detailed comparison refer to the Pricing Plans.
  • Do you offer services? And what type of services?
    Yes. Services include (a) Campaign as a Service, (b) Camp implementation services, (c) GTM as a Service, and (d) Training & Academic services. View more details in Services Section. The services are delivered by our Agency Partners, Implementation partners, backed by our internal Consulting teams. This delivery framework helps us to deliver high quality services at attractive price points.
  • How Camp helps Salespeople?
    Sales people do not have time. They do not want to spend time to do data-entry and fill out reports. Our sales app is designed keeping this in mind, to minimize data-entry to near zero. It is simple. It is a smart way to enable salespeople. The app brings the capability to receive leads, organize leads, make calls, send whatsapp, setup meetings, tag geo-location of meetings, auto-generated reports basis actions performed, and simple order booking. All in one simple app. Read more in the Sales App Section.
  • How Camp helps Marketers?
    A recent research says, Marketers use on an average 12+ tools to run campaigns. For e.g., Facebook ad manager, Email tools, SMS gateways, Google ads, Google Analytics, Social listening and so on. Camp brings all these facilities in a single login. While logging into 12 tools drains marketer's productivity, the bigger nightmare is to pull data from different tools, to create reports. To know more read the Marketing Automation section.
  • How Camp enables Sales & Marketing Collaboration?
    Less than 25% of organizations have integrated marketing automation and CRM fully. This makes it near impossible for marketers to know what happened to leads after handing to sales. Worse is when leads are handed to partners. A single platform bringing Marketing + Direct Sales + Partner marketing/sales, gets you the ultimate visibility, and smart ways to attract customers, engage customers, acquire customers, and delight customers. All in one platform, simple & smart.
  • How Camp helps Channel Partner Managers?
    Channel managers need to engage partners by, Sharing product catalogues/resources: through online drives has serious limitations. They have no clue whether partners downloaded it, shared with customers, and found useful or not. Camp's content syndication makes it live to share assets, track who downloaded it, and the category of resources used well. Lead registration and partner pipeline: is often opaque. Channel managers assign some leads to partners, and partners generate leads, as well. Camp enables Partner Pipeline Visibility, to channel managers. And a lot more. Read in the Partner App Section.

Agency Partner Edition

Camp for Agency is specially designed keeping agencies in mind. Right from managing multiple client assets, a workbench for agency staff for designing, a dashboard to see multi-customer and multi-campaign performances, and more. Let us connect, talk, see a demo of this special initiative that enhances agency productivity to a new high.

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