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Camp: A Simple, All-in-One GTM Platform

Helping Companies Succeed 

A whopping $ 1.15 Tn is wasted in failed software products, only in US - says an industry report. At Camp we are committed to address this issue.

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There's this notion that the only way to launch a new business or a new product/service is to do risky trial and error methods. Most new products or startups fail due to this reason. A new launch is done like driving a car without a steering wheel and dashboard, leave alone growing the business. But we know there's a better way to Go to Market (GTM). One where it provides a data-driven dashboard and a 360-degree view to steer clear of the cliffs, a business faces. That's why we've created a platform uniting software, education, and a service community to help businesses succeed.

Our Story

As fellow alumnus of IIM, and a career path crossing at Tally - the market leading software company, Dr. Shiv and Girish noticed challenges in the way organizations take their product to market. Industry reports confirmed their views that over 90% products fail in the market, and as many as 99% of startups remain small for more than 10 years.


From this reality, a company was born: Camp. It was founded on "GTM", the fact that businesses struggle to take their product to market — they want to be helped.

Today, the GTM platform continues to empower businesses around the world to stop trial & error, and start insightful journeys, and return their focus to the customer.

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